News: Madden Madness Finals


4 becomes 2. The Semi-Finals are over. Find out who made it to the Finals and who I voted for below:

Madden Finals

Once again, the form won’t show I voted for, for whatever reason. I voted for Adrian Peterson.

I haven’t done so well predicting the Old School side of things, but I had Adrian Peterson in the Finals (and the Cover) since Day 1 of this competition. That’s not changing this week. The only way I see Barry Sanders on this Cover, is if they tie and share it. No disrespect to Mr. Sanders, but I think AP, a CURRENT player and MVP, should be the Cover Man. It’s as simple as that.

What do y’all think? Who should be the Cover Man out of the Final 4 Players?

Final voting started today (April 17th) and goes through April 24th. The Cover Man will be announced live April 24th, on ESPN2’s SportsNation at 7:00pm (CT)!

 Vote here: SportsNation

Madden NFL 25 releases on August 27th!

News: Madden Madness Semifinals


8 becomes 4. The Quarter-Finals are over. Find out who made it to the Semi-Finals and who I voted for below:

Madden Semis

I don’t know why it wouldn’t show who I voted for, but I voted for Adrian Peterson and Jerry Rice. I got 3 of the Final 4 correct. I figured that Barry Sanders vs. Joe Montana was a toss-up, though it wasn’t that close. I still think and hope that Adrian Peterson will win it all. If not AP, then Arian Foster. I continue to believe that a current player should be on the cover, instead of a former player.

What do y’all think? Who should be the Cover Man out of the Final 4 Players?

Semi-Final voting started yesterday (April 10th) and goes through April 17th. The Finals are from April 17th to 24th.

 Vote here: SportsNation

Madden NFL 25 releases on August 27th!

News: Madden NFL 25 Cover Madness Announced


The Madness has spread to Madden! Just like with NCAA Football 14, Madden NFL 25 has elected to use a vote in the style of a March Madness bracket to select the Cover Man.

“It’s great to be back with another year of the award-winning Madden NFL Cover Vote for a brand-new game that will be the deepest and most innovative in the history of the franchise when it launches in August,” said Anthony Stevenson, Senior Director of Marketing at EA SPORTS. “This year we’re posing the ultimate question of who’s more deserving; one of the NFL’s all-time greats or one of today’s hottest players?”

Personally, I think a current player should always grace the cover of Madden. I also have a particular player in mind, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So, who are these 64 NFL players? There are 32 former and 32 current players and you can check them out in my screen grab below (you’ll also see who I voted for).

Madden Vote 1 Madden Vote 2

So, that’s the field of 64. Do you agree or disagree with any of my votes?

Who do I want to win and who do I think will win?

Who I want to win:


Von Miller had a beast of a season last year. 68 tackles (55 solo), 18.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 1 interception, and 1 touchdown. He is a 6 seed in this voting contest and I suppose that is about right. I think he could be a little bit higher, but that doesn’t mean he can’t win it all! The 1 seed doesn’t always win the Championship! I think he CAN win, but I don’t think he WILL win.

Who I think will win:


I think Adrian Peterson is a lock to be the Cover Man. I don’t know HOW he is only a 2 seed. He was the NFL MVP last year for a reason. Look at these stats: 2,097 yards rushing (off of 348 attempts), 12 rushing touchdowns, 217 receiving yards (off of 40 receptions), 1 receiving touchdown, and only 2 lost fumbles. This dude was the reason that the Vikings made it to the playoffs. I think that he will win this competition and he should win it; though I will still be rooting and voting for Von Miller.

First Round voting started yesterday and goes through March 20th. The Finals are from April 17th to 24th.

 Vote here: SportsNation

Madden NFL 25 releases on August 27th.