Game of Thrones Season Six Review

Game of Thrones has come a long way from it’s first season on HBO. When I watched that first season on Blu-Ray, I had not read the Song of Ice and Fire books that they are based on. But my best friend recommended the show and the books and I took his word for it. I binge watched that first season and then moved right onto the books. Since that awesome first season, I feel like the show has gone up and down in quality. I liked season three a lot, but that makes sense based on the source material.

One thing I’ve never liked about the television show is how it got HBO’d. By that I mean that it was over-sexualized. It was like that from the first episode. I can understand some sex in context, but they’d put extra sex scenes in for the longest time just to have sex scenes. Because they’re HBO. And then they had the extra controversy in the last two seasons about sexual assault in the show, which was even worse. Put that together with some weird changes of direction from the book and I was pretty tired after last season. But then Season Six came along and changed everything. Not only did everything about the show get better from writing to production to just everything really, but they also toned down all the extra sex stuff. I don’t know if there was even a single sex scene in this season. There probably was something, but it wasn’t excessive. And there was definitely no rape. It was the best season yet, hands down, and it turns out they didn’t need the “HBO treatment”. How about that?

I was happy about that, but I’m also just floored how they handled the season as a whole. I’ve watched a lot of television in my time and I think that was the best season of any show that I’ve ever watched. Maybe I’m forgetting something, but at the very least it’s in a top five list.

My biggest surprise moment of the entire season came with Arya’s scene from the finale.

I was not surprised about Jon’s return. Come on. We all knew he was coming back.

The Battle of the Bastards is definitely the best battle sequence so far in the series.

But I think the best sequence in the entire series so far is the first twenty minutes of the season finale in King’s Landing. It left me speechless. It reminded me of the opening of The Last of Us, actually. Not that it was a similar story in anyway. But both were tragic events that were beautifully and horrifically told in a manner that left me in shock. The score for that twenty minutes was just perfect too. Ah, what a terrible, but perfect twenty minutes of television.

My blog posts on here are far and few between nowadays, but I had to talk about this episode and this season. I just had to.

I can’t wait to see what the last two seasons and books bring!

What do y’all think about Season Six?

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