DLC is Too Expensive (and stays that way)

There. I said it. DLC is way too expensive. That’s a case argued by many in gaming circles for a while now and I don’t think anyone can rationally argue against it. Publishers like EA Games bleed their customers dry with season passes and DLC for their games. Star Wars: Battlefront is probably the worst case so far. $50 for a season pass and so far (with a 1/4 of DLC released) it hasn’t been close to justified. Another good example of how not to do DLC is the Arkham Knight season pass. The game was great, but I’m very happy that I didn’t waste my money on that season pass. It got torn up in reviews and editorials. The only company that I think has always done DLC and season passes right is Bethesda. OK, they kind of mistreated PS3 players with Skyrim, but they did make up for it with discounted DLC. I’m talking about price and content here anyway. I’m talking about value and Bethesda always brings it. You really do get what you pay for with their DLC. Bethesda aside, I think DLC is overpriced.

But that’s an old argument. What got me to check into my old blog and write a post is one thought: DLC prices never drop. There might be a rare sale that you can catch, but for the most part, DLC prices never go down. One perfect example is Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening. It’s an amazing expansion pack for Origins, but it’s six years old. And it still costs $20 on the PSN. You can buy the Ultimate Edition of Origins with the main game and all of the DLC including Awakening for that much. That’s ridiculous. I can understand starting at a high price, but keeping it there for 6 years? That makes no sense. The actual main game prices (digital and physical) go down the longer they are out and the same should apply to DLC. Not every game has an ultimate edition that you can just go out and grab. Sometimes if you want to get a game’s entire story, you’re going to have to pay full price for 6 year old DLC, and that should change.

What do y’all think? Is DLC overpriced? Should the prices for DLC drop as the prices for the main game drop?

One thought on “DLC is Too Expensive (and stays that way)

  1. I don’t know where you get your games, or DLC, but I got the Arkham Knight season pass for $8 and it’s the best $8 I’ve spent in a long time. I’m not against DLC and never will be. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to cough up 50 bucks for a FPS game, but I’ll happily support Bethesda, Bioware, and From Software buy buying their DLCs because I’ve never been let down by them.

    As far as DLC being too expensive that depend on the person. I brought the Borderlands 2 season pass for $30 when it first released and was treated to a ton of content that added up to way more then $30. It depends on the game, person, and content I guess. I personally have no problem with it.

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