Star Wars: Battlefront: Beta Impressions


I’m writing this evening because I wanted to comment on Star Wars: Battlefront’s beta and in part to try to keep this blog alive. I know my posts have been few and far between over the last year, but I’ve either been busy or I haven’t had much to say. However, I played some Battlefront this weekend and I felt like writing about it real quickly.

Here’s the good news. I think they did really well in building the game. It looks and sounds amazing. It’s very authentic Star Wars. The beta lets us play three different modes: survival (single player or co-op), 40 player online walker assault, and a drop zone multiplayer level. Those were all fun and it seems like the other modes and levels will be fun too. The controls and overall gameplay are good.

The bad news? It just doesn’t look like enough bang for buck to me. Somehow I missed the news that there wouldn’t be any campaign or story modes in the game. I just don’t like that one bit. It’s basically a game for multiplayer and challenge levels. Those are fun, but for my style of playing, they are not the entree in a gaming dinner. They’re the appetizers and desserts. Even in a FPS game, I think you need a solid campaign. It doesn’t even have to be heavy on story. If I remember correctly, the first two Battlefront games had campaigns that were pretty much just conquest campaigns, but that worked for me. I enjoyed it. It made it worth it. I’d still prefer a narrative, but at least give me a single player (and/or co-op) campaign of some sort! I don’t think that’s asking for too much, but maybe that’s just the type of gamer that I am. I have to wonder if EA rushed DICE and didn’t give them time to put a campaign together or if it was never in their plans?

So, here’s where I’m at. I cancelled my pre-order of the game, but when the price drops down to $30 or $40, I can see myself purchasing it then. I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, but I don’t think it’s worth $60 without a campaign, even with everything that DICE did right. It’s kind of funny that a game like Fallout 4 with hundreds of hours of playtime can cost the same price as a game like this.

Did y’all play the beta this weekend? What did you think? Are you planning on buying the game?

8 thoughts on “Star Wars: Battlefront: Beta Impressions

  1. The single player is lacking, but I can’t help, but love the beta so far. I’ve played on it on both X1, and PC and I think it’s great. The controls are great, the graphics are the best I’ve seen this year, and the multiplayer is a ton of fun.

    Even without all the single player elements that were present in the other Battlefront games I’m still going to jump in and play this one because I do like what I’ve experienced from the single player so far and I can split screen this with my wife so it’s a win, win for me.

      • I got Battlefield 3 for free on Origin not to long ago. I brought Mad Max for $20, The Walking Dead season 1 for $7, and The Wolf Among Us Season 1 for $5. I love PC gaming. It’s very affordable to me because I have four kids and can’t spend $60 on brand new games.

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