Mass Effect: Favorite Renegade Moments

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As I’ve mentioned in recents posts, I’ve been playing through the Mass Effect trilogy with a Renegade FemShep. This is the most renegade I’ve ever been, though I’ve still done a few things Paragon, like curing the genophage and brokering peace between the Quarian and the Geth. There are some things I just won’t do. I guess I put too much of myself into the game. Anyway, there have been some fun moments in the games that pop up in renegade situations. I decided to make a quick list of some my favorites (not in any particular order), though I’m sure I left quite a few good ones out!

“There’s a bomb!”

This moment comes up during Thane’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2. Shepard is somewhere she shouldn’t be and has to think up an excuse, fast…

I literally laughed out loud. Awesome.

Reporter Boxing

Khalisah bint Sinan al-Jilani has always gotten on my nerves, but I’ve usually kept my cool during her interviews. Then in Mass Effect 3 this time through, I tried hitting the renegade action…

I didn’t know that Shepard was going to punch her, honest. I thought she would just walk away and instead I knocked her out. Apparently it can happen in all three games too! It was pretty funny, but that’s the type of Renegade Shepard that I don’t want to play as, like the one in the video. He looked evil.

Krogan Diplomat

I loved choosing the renegade dialogue choices and actions whenever I interacted with the Krogan. That’s how you have to treat most Krogan to earn their respect. Those moments reminded me of Captain Picard whenever he would talk with Klingons in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He knew how to “speak their language” and so does Renegade Shepard with the Krogan. Speaking of Star Trek, here’s Renegade Shep headbutting a Krogan voiced by Michael Dorn. (Michael Dorn played Worf, a Klingon, in Star Trek.)

Qapla’! Worf would be proud of Shepard!

Long Way Down

During Thane’s recruitment mission in Mass Effect 2, Renegade Shepard can throw a Merc out a window at the top of a skyscraper. Enough said.

“How ’bout goodbye?”

Get off my Ship!

At the end of mission-based portion of The Citadel DLC, Renegade Shepard can choose to kill her clone by kicking her off of the Normandy.

What a badass! The first thing I thought of the first time I saw that:

I also thought of this scene:

Renegade Kirk, FTW!

Do y’all have a favorite Renegade moment? Do y’all usually play as a Renegade or Paragon?

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