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national guard


My posts on The Rhodes Review are about to become few and far between. Today I was sworn into the Texas Army National Guard. I’m going to be a Petroleum Supply Specialist in an Airborne Battalion. I hope to be done with my BS in Aeronautics (minor in UAV) at Embry-Riddle University WW a year and a half or two after I’m done with all of my training. At some point I plan to change MOS and train to become a Drone Operator. Flying drones is what I really want to do in the military and after the military. I’d also like to go active Army after I finish my degree. I ship out to basic at the end of October and will be training until May.

So, where does that leave this website? Well, for starters I won’t write anything during training.

I’m going to all but eliminate comic reviews. There’s only one more that I plan to review: Mass Effect: Foundation #13. If after training I see something that I HAVE to review, then I might do so. But, for the most part, comic reviews are out. I will leave up all of my old comic reviews, though.

I won’t plan to do anymore news posts.

Game reviews will be rare, but will probably still happen after training. I definitely want to review the last episode of The Wolf Among Us and the last two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season Two before I leave. I’m definitely going to play Destiny and I might review it too before I leave.

Things after training will be less focused. I’ll just write about or review anything that takes my fancy, when I have the time. (Mass Effect is a guaranteed future topic. I will ALWAYS talk Mass Effect.) So, I guess it will be more like a blog, and less like a review website. I’m going to miss writing about all of this awesome nerdy stuff on a regular basis, but I always knew that it was going to be temporary because I hadn’t planned on a career in journalism/writing.

Thanks to all of y’all that have read my articles and those who will continue to read whatever I write in the future. I’ll do my best to keep up with those of y’all that I follow on here, before and after training!

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