News: 06/14/14-06/20/14

It’s time for another week of news and videos here on The Rhodes Review! I don’t have much news to share this week. I haven’t seen a lot that interested me enough to share and I’m on a little vacation. I don’t think I missed any big news; but if I did, the vacation is why.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare




Dragon Age Box Art

Bioware released a new Dragon Age: Inquisition dev diary/behind the scenes video today. The video focuses on Freddy Prinze Jr. who voices The Iron Bull in the game.

It’s hard to see how his voice fits into The Iron Bull in this video, because we only see Prinze doing the voice in the studio. Despite that, he seems like a cool guy, and he did a good job at James Vega in Mass Effect 3. I’m sure he’ll do a good job as The Iron Bull. Cool news and cool video!


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Logo

Sledgehammer Games also had a new dev video to share this week. Their video focused on the story in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

One of the things that interests me the most about Advanced Warfare is that it’s been in development for three years, which is longer than the usual Call of Duty game. Based on that fact and this video, I believe the story in the game should be much better than the usual. I’m more of a single player type of guy, as frequent readers likely know, and so what I want to see is an amazing new single player campaign with a great story in this game.


Destiny Box Art

The final item this week was revealed on Monday. Bungie and Sony revealed all of the PlayStation exclusives for Destiny. There are quite a few of them and you can check them out for yourself on the PlayStation Blog:

As a side note, I played some of the Destiny alpha last week and I enjoyed it for the most part. The game looked incredible. I really liked the gameplay feel. I didn’t see a single bug, which was impressive. The server was really fast. My only possible complaint would be that the missions got a bit repetitive. I’m hoping that is the case because it’s only an alpha and they don’t want to reveal too much of the game.

What did you all think of the news this week? Did I miss any big news that interested you all this week?

What are y’all playing this weekend?

I’m not playing much at all. I picked up Littlebig Planet on PS Vita a while back. I got it for free, but I don’t remember how. Anyway, I might play that some, since I’m on the road; but this has basically been a video game free week for me and this weekend will be too.


Comic Reviews: Saga #20 and Mass Effect: Foundation #12

Game Reviews: None

Features: June Recommendations (If I can think of anything to recommend…)


I couldn’t think of anything very timely for this month’s poll, so I went with a Mass Effect poll. I want to know who your favorite characters in Mass Effect are. Multiple selections are allowed! It’s really tough to choose favorites, but I narrowed mine down to five. I voted for FemShep, Liara, Garrus, Joker, and The Illusive Man. I don’t like The Illusive Man, but I think he’s a really interesting character and villain.

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