Review: Mass Effect: Foundation #11

MEF 11 - Cover

“While investigating Shepard’s crew, Rasa uncovers the escapades of the galaxy’s most notorious mercenary—the universally feared Zaeed Massani!”


MEF 11 - Screen 3

Last time on Mass Effect: Foundation, Agent Rasa reviewed the story of how Kasumi lost Keiji, and gave her his greybox.

This time on Mass Effect: Foundation, Agent Rasa continues her research work for Shepard’s future team. In this issue, she reviews the case of Zaeed Massani. She specifically studies the mission where Zaeed put together a team and crashed the flagship of the Turian fleet.

I’m going to do my best not to repeat myself, but it’s going to be hard because Foundation keeps making the same mistakes. It’s still a huge mess of a mini-series. This issue was a lot like the last issue. The overall plot is barely covered, barely moves forward, and most of the issue is spent on a character flashback. It’s not even a very good flashback story, if you ask me. I’m not a big fan of Zaeed. I don’t suppose that I dislike him, but I don’t like him too much either. I’m glad he was in Mass Effect 2 and 3, but do I care about seeing more of him? No. Not really. But let’s say that you are a big fan of Zaeed, would this be a story that you would like? Possibly. One thing that they did well is capture his voice in text form. It reads like you would imagine Zaeed talking. The plot of Zaeed taking down a flagship is also very Zaeed-like. However, the execution of the rest of the flashback is not great. The whole thing feels rushed, yet I couldn’t wait for the issue to be over.

The whole mini-series idea with character one-shots embedded into an overall storyline just hasn’t worked for me. As I’ve said before, they should have chose one story or many stories. I would have been okay with either of those choices. If they committed to only tell character flashbacks, then maybe those stories would have been told in a better manner than they were with the overall story interjecting here and there. I would have preferred that they had just told the story of Agent Rasa and Cerberus, because it’s been in telling those stories that Foundation has been at its best.

MEF 11 - Screen 2


MEF 11 - Screen 1

Mass Effect: Foundation #11 is OK. It’s not the worst comic I’ve ever read, but it’s not very good either. Maybe I’m holding this series to a higher standard as a Mass Effect superfan, but isn’t this series primarily for all of us anyway? I don’t like the way they’ve structured this mini-series. It’s been horribly inconsistent in plot and even in artistic styles. Even if you forgive them for the structure, the character flashback stories haven’t been handled very well. I’m continually disappointed in Foundation and I don’t have very high hopes that the last two issues will be any better.


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Mass Effect: Foundation #12 releases on June 25th!

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