Review: Daylight (PS4)

Daylight Box Art

Daylight is a FPS Horror game now available for the PC and PS4. The cost is $14.99, but is on sale on the PlayStation Network until May 13th. The sale price is $9.59 for PlayStation Plus members and $11.99 for everyone else.



Daylight is a game about a woman named Sarah who wakes up alone in an old hospital on an island in New Kipling. Well, she’s not really alone. There’s the creepy old man that talks to Sarah seemingly from the cellphone she woke up with. He seems to know what’s going on and why she is there, but he’s very cryptic with any information he shares with Sarah. There are also lots of…well…let’s just say that there aren’t any friendly faces inside that old hospital. Sarah is tasked with escaping from the island, but she just might have to solve the mystery within first to do so.

The story is mostly a straightforward horror story, which is okay. There are some twists, though. It’s a mystery. You don’t know who your character is, where she is, how she got there, what’s going on, etc. There are revelations throughout the game, most of which is revealed through the old man on the phone. What I’m trying to say is that this isn’t a plot or character driven game. The story isn’t weak, it’s just not the focus of the game, in my opinion. It’s just part of the formula to deliver a game to scare your pants off.




As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, Daylight is a FPS Horror game. Though, maybe the S should be left off, because this isn’t a shooter. That’s a nice change of pace and seems to be the beginning of a trend. Games don’t always have to be about shooting things. Those games certainly have their place, but games relying on combat get kind of stale. The FPS genre is especially locked into combat, so it’s nice to play a game that is combat free. Just because the combat is gone, doesn’t mean the suspense and action is too. There is tons of that to be found in Daylight. Armed with only a cellphone, glowsticks, flares, and running shoes; Sarah has to navigate the game’s levels with wit, illumination, and speed. Easier said than done. It’s easy to get lost in those spooky hallways, even with the map on the cellphone. It definitely adds to your dread when you’re trying to find your way around, while simultaneously trying to keep an eye out for whatever lurks in the dark. The flares are used to fend off those lurkers.

I mostly like the control scheme. They can feel a little clunky at times, but I think if you were playing on the PC it would be better. I’m mainly talking about the controls when trying to grab items or interact with things, but I got used to it. I did really like the mini-map on the DS4’s touchpad. The touchpad has brought a lot of cool functionality to games that I’ve played on the PS4 and Daylight was no different. It’s a small addition to the controller, but a useful one.

Another thing I liked was playing the game in 3D. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough to make me feel pretty well immersed into the game. Maybe a little too well immersed! Lights off + 3D on + FPS = an intense horror experience. It also makes me really look forward to playing games like Daylight on Project Morpheus. That will be something special!

There are lots of documents and remnants to find and collect throughout the game. These remnant documents help add to the story and I tried my best to find them all; though as the game progressed I spent more of my time just sprinting around, instead of searching.

Overall, I think Daylight provides a good gameplay experience!




I enjoyed Daylight. The story was decent and the gameplay was good. Where the game really shined was in delivering a hair-raising horror experience that made me jump off my couch. That sounds kind of corny, but it’s absolutely true. Well, I didn’t jump off the couch, but I definitely jumped up multiple times! Daylight is rather short. I finished it in one night, but I’m cool with that too. The way I look at Daylight is that it’s an interactive horror movie. If you look at it from that perspective, three or so hours is a long movie, instead of a short game. If it was any longer, I would have needed some breaks because of the intensity of playing it in 3D. For me, it’s all about quality vs. quantity. I’d rather have a good and short game, than a bad and long game. Because the game does focus on quality over quantity, and only costs $10-$15, I think that you definitely get the bang for your buck. The bottom line is that I recommend that all horror game fans play Daylight!




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