April Recommendations

This is the third edition of my monthly feature where I recommend some things that I think that y’all should watch, read, or play. It kind of slipped my mind and so I’m just now getting it posted with less an hour left in the month! Whoops!



Assassin's Creed Liberation Art


I finally played Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD last month over spring break and I loved it! I loved everything about it. It was just as addicting as some of the better AC games. I even played it to my 2nd Platinum PSN trophy ever. It is slightly flawed in it’s gameplay, but Aveline and her story more than make up for it. Honestly, I liked it more than Assassin’s Creed III. I’m not sure if it’s as good on the PS Vita, but the HD version on the PS3 was great. I’d recommend all Assassin’s Creed fans give Liberation a play!



the winter soldier


I’m sure most of you have already seen this movie by now, but just in case, I recommend all Marvel and comic book fans watch Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. It’s definitely one of the best Marvel movies I’ve seen. I was very surprised. I also love how it effected the Agents of SHIELD TV show (mini recommendation here: watch this show!). I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve next in August with Guardians of the Galaxy.



orphan black


Looking for a mind blowing science fiction TV show? Look no further than Orphan Black. I’m about halfway through the first season/series right now and I’m loving it. Though I do love the twists and the mystery sci-fi element, Tatiana Maslany is what makes the show for me. It takes a hell of an actor to legitimately play so many different characters in one show and she certainly pulls it off. Each clone feels like a different character. It’s crazy. I’d already be caught up by now, but I’ve been watching this show with my little sister, and I’m too nice to watch ahead. It’s definitely easier to binge watch when you’re only working with your own schedule! The second season just started recently on BBC America, so it’s not too late to rent the first season, and set the DVR to record the second season. I’m sure they’ll replay the episodes from this new season that have already aired.





Starlight is a new comic series from Mark Millar about an Air Force pilot, Duke McQueen who is transported to an alien world in trouble. He manages to save that world and is sent back to Earth. However, once back on Earth, no one believes his story. He is labeled as a crazy man and his life goes downhill fast. Fast forward many years and McQueen has become an old man and a widower. His sons are a-holes and his life is miserable. Until, one day someone from that planet visits McQueen and pleads for him to help their planet once more.

Two issues in and I’m really liking Starlight. It’s a fun and sort of old school type of sci-fi plot that you don’t always see anymore. It kind of reminds me of John Carter of Mars. I also really like the protagonist, Duke McQueen. He seems like a genuinely good guy and you don’t always see that anymore in stories. The hot protagonist now seems to be one with more a neutral/gray sense of morality. Those are definitely interesting characters to have, but that doesn’t mean all protagonists should be like Joel from The Last of Us. Anyway, I would recommend that all sci-fi comic book fans give this first issue a read. I think you’ll know pretty well if you’re going to like it after that one issue. It’s hard to say if it will sustain this quality, since it’s only two issues in, but those two issues were enough for me to give out my recommendation! I’d review every issue on here, if I had more time to!

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