Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode Three: A Crooked Mile (PC)


The Wolf Among Us, Episode Three: A Crooked Mile is a point and click adventure game now available for download on PC, XLA, and PSN. The cost is $4.99 per episode or $19.99 for the season pass.

The Story

Last time on The Wolf Among Us, the story continued to unfold with Bigby being brought in by the NYPD for questioning. He was rescued by Ichabod Crane, who used a spell to put the entire station to sleep. Back at the Woodlands Apartments, Bigby and Blackbeard interrogated either Tweedle Dee or the Woodsman. The interrogation was interrupted by Snow White, who was not actually dead. The actual fable that died was Lily, glamoured to look like Snow White. Lily was a troll (not the internet kind), Holly’s sister, and a working girl. After talking to Holly at the Trip Trap Bar, Bigby interrogated Lily’s pimp (Georgie Porgie) at the Puddin’ N Pie Strip Club. After that interrogation, the Little Mermaid gave Bigby a tip to check out a seedy motel. Once Bigby arrived at the motel, he found out that Beauty was working the desk. She helped him find the right room, but (in my playthrough at least) Beast found them together and assumed they were having affair. Beast and Bigby fought, but the fight ended when they fell into the room in question. The room turned out to be a room of horrors, with all evidence leading towards Ichabod Crane being obsessed with Snow White, and as the killer of all the fable prostitutes.

This time on The Wolf Among Us, the hunt is on for Ichabod Crane. Bigby visits Lily’s funeral. The path then splits into three different roads/locations. The plot thickens. The action increases. The wolf comes out.

This episode is so crazy. I thought I knew what was going on and A Crooked Mile proved me wrong. It’s hard to say too much at this point without spoiling anything, but I’ll do my best.

One thing that I really liked, that I didn’t appreciate at first, are all the easter eggs that Telltale throws in for Fables fans. I loved this game before I started reading the comics, but it definitely adds to the whole experience when you have that knowledge.

Another thing that I liked was that Dave Fennoy sounded less like Lee and more like Blackbeard this time around. I didn’t hate his portrayal last time, but it was much more reminiscent of Lee. This time it feels more like he’s his own character. I didn’t think of Lee when I heard his voice. It’s a small matter, but I noticed it, and am glad that they made the adjustment.

Talk about stepping their game up. The road doesn’t just split two ways this time around. We’re forced to choose between THREE different choices in the next step of the investigation. I loved this move by Telltale. I think I made the right move in my choices, but who knows how different it could be with all of the choices I made before those three choices and then after I made my choice there? The choices that we’re getting to make are definitely increasing. I know there’s still a general narrative that the story must follow, but there’s a lot of variation in all of the other parts of the story.

The Gameplay

I don’t have a lot to say about the gameplay for this episode. If you want a more in-depth review of the gameplay, then check out my review of the first episode.

Besides more choices in this episode, the one thing that I want to highlight is the action. I wouldn’t say that there was more action in this episode, but the main action scene was DEFINITELY the most intense scene so far. It was CRAZY. I don’t do capitalize words lightly. It seriously was a CRAZY fight scene. I didn’t see it coming and I was battling to stay alive. If you want a hint on that battle scene, check out Telltale’s cover image for this episode. That’s all I’m saying.

The Bottom Line

I didn’t think it was possible for Telltale to improve on the first two episodes of The Wolf Among Us, but A Crooked Mile really did prove me wrong. The story just keeps getting better every episode and the gameplay stays just as awesome. I think I’m the most hooked I’ve ever been for a Telltale Games game and that is really saying something. I cannot wait for the next episode!

The Rhodes Rating: 100/100

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode Three: A Crooked Mile (PC)

  1. I just finished this episode like two minutes ago and it was AMAZING! Like you said, I didn’t think this series could get better, but this proved me wrong. Best episode yet. I actually felt a little emotional during that last fight scene, it was so intense.

    • Agreed! They huffed, they puffed, and blew me away with this episode. 😉 That really was an emotional scene. That’s a good way to describe it. Bloody Mary is freaking intense! I love the relationship between Snow and Bigby.

      P.S. How far have you gotten with the Fables comics? I just picked up Volume 6 this week, but haven’t had a chance to start reading it yet.

      • Yesss Bloody Mary is awesome. I’m also really interested to see how the relationship develops between Bigby and Snow. Snow really stuck up for Bigby throughout the episode — did that happen for you too?

        I’m reading Vol. 4 in Fables right now. Really, really good, but I’m reading super slow now because I have so many other books and comics on my plate! What’s been your favorite volume so far?

      • I think so. She definitely stuck up for him there in the end. I didn’t burn down the tree, so she wasn’t happy about that, but I don’t think there was conflict besides that.

        Volume 4 is a great one. Long too. It’s hard to pick a favorite, though! They’re all so different and great.

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