Review: The Star Wars #6

TSW 6 - Cover

“A dogfight with Imperial fighter craft, a dangerous detour through an asteroid field, and a forced evacuation in life-pods land Luke Skywalker and company on Yavin—the planet of the Wookiees! But Princess Leia gets separated from the group, and when slavers capture her, Annikin Starkiller goes all Jedi on them!”

The Story

TSW 6 - Screen 1

Last time on The Star Wars, the heroes of the story entered Gordon Spaceport with the intention of getting offworld and to the Chrome Corporation on Ohuchi. However, their transport turned out to be a Imperial trap (cue Admiral Ackbar) set and executed by the Sith Knight Prince Valorum. Luckily, the group managed to escape from the trap, and steal a transport of their own. To elude the Imperials, the ship diverted course towards the Yavin system. Elsewhere on the ship, a romance was brewing between Princess Leia and Annikin Starkiller; but before they were able to brew for long, the Imperial fighters caught up and attacked!

This time on The Star Wars, the crew of the Corellian-looking transport engage in a space duel with Imperial fighters. The heroes then attempt to navigate an asteroid field, and end up on a forest planet, where they’ll get all sorts of new trouble thrown at them.

TSW 6 - Screen 2

My favorite moments continue to be the new twists on the classic scenes. Or is it old twists, since this is based on the original first draft? Anyway, it’s fun to see the twists. The two particular twists that I enjoyed this time are both new takes on old space scenes. One is the turrets vs. fighters scene and the other is the escape into the asteroid field.

I’m still not used to Artwo-Deetwo talking in this version. I keep imagining his voice as Cleveland from Family Guy, because he voiced R2-D2 in the Family Guy: Star Wars specials. It’s funny. As small of a change as that is, it’s probably the only change that I haven’t gotten used to by now. Han Solo as a green Shrek-like alien? No big deal. Talking R2? Deal breaker! It’s not really a deal breaker. I’m just trying to get the point across that it just seems weird. Weird is good, though. This is supposed to be a weird comic because it flips a lot of favorite characters and stories and twists them into a new creation. Though, like I said before, these are actually the characters that were twisted into the ones that we have come to know and love. Funny how that circle works, huh? Meanwhile, R2’s BFF, See-Threepio, seems to be just about the same as his Star Wars counterpart.

TSW 6 - Screen 3


I like the romance going on between Leia and Annikin. There’s hints from both of the romances between Anakin and Padme and Leia and Han. The characters themselves are more like the first couple, but the relationship itself is more realistic, like with the second couple. The interaction between the two of them seems more like how a teenage/young adult courtship might go. There’s been tension, slowly giving way to feelings being realized and shared. I’ve never had that sort of relationship that starts with conflict and turns to love, but I know it happens. I like how they’ve taken it. Maybe it seems less cheesy this way?


I’ve always thought that Return of the Jedi would have much better if it had taken place on Kashyyyk with Wookies, instead of on Endor with Ewoks. Apparently, this was George Lucas’ first instinct as well. He should have stuck with that original thought! The Star Wars doesn’t visit either of those planets, but it is a similar planet (Yaven as a forest planet) and has Wookies seemingly taking the place of the Ewoks. Chewie even shows up! I wonder if him and Han will hit it off?

TSW 6 - Screen 5

The Bottom Line

TSW 6 - Screen 4

The Star Wars #6 is another thrilling chapter in this epic mini-series. I liked the classic twists, space battle, character development, and especially liked the Wookies. I also liked the cameo from a fan favorite. I don’t think I’ve mentioned the art in a while, but I continue to love Mike Mayhew’s depiction of this alternate Star Wars universe. All in all another great issue and I’m looking forward to seeing how things wrap up in the last two issues!

Rhodes Rating – 93/100

Buy your Copy here: The Star Wars #6

The Star Wars #7 releases on April 16th!

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