Review: The Walking Dead #122

TWD 122 - Cover

““ALL OUT WAR,” Part Eight. Negan has a plan.”

The Story

TWD 122 - Screen 1

Last time on The Walking Dead, Eugene and his group of bullet manufacturers were rescued/captured by Negan and the Saviors. Rick woke up from his concussion in the infirmary, but things were pretty grim outside for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Rick decided to evacuate the ASZ and move all of the groups back to The Hilltop. Before they left, Denise died, and a funeral was held for all that died in the attack. The issue ended with Negan threatening Eugene to make bullets for him or else…

This time on The Walking Dead, Eugene questions Dwight’s intentions. Maggie comes to term with her new position of authority. Now that everyone is living at The Hilltop, people from all three groups take a moment to rest and reflect. Negan implements a diabolic and grisly new plan. Ricks draws up some new war plans of his own.

With the three groups united in one base now, it’s basically Rick’s group vs. Negan’s group. I guess it simplifies things for the war. They’re stronger united, but I think it’s a bad sign that they have been forced into one last refuge. Things could get pretty ugly if Negan attacks The Hilltop. Negan continues to be more than a match for Rick. Besides a couple of minor victories, it’s been all Negan, and continues to be all Negan. I really hope that Rick has something up his sleeve, because he’s on a pretty bad streak right now. Negan is so ruthless and I don’t know how they’re going to defeat him. His new plan is especially messed up, but not surprising coming from him.

I think that Eugene read my last review, because when Dwight reveals to him that he’s working undercover for Rick in this issue, he has his doubts. If he is against Negan, why not just take him out already? I pondered that in my last review and Eugene pondered it in this issue. His reply still leaves me with doubts, but I’m still more inclined to think that he’s genuine. He’s just scared to take Negan on by himself. I guess you can’t blame him for that. Taking him out would have to be a perfect execution or else you’d likely get Lucille to the face. Repeatedly.

There are some good moments between characters in this issue, especially between Rick and Andrea. It seems like things are going so well with their relationship that something bad is doomed to separate them. I hope I’m wrong, but this IS The Walking Dead. If something looks like it’s too good to be true, it usually is…

TWD 122 - Screen 2

The Bottom Line

TWD 122 - Screen 3

The war sort of slows down in The Walking Dead #122, but it’s still going full speed at the same time. There isn’t a battle in this issue, the good guys get to rest, but events are still very much moving forward. Bad guys never rest. They should know this by now. I wasn’t bored with the plot, through the slower moments, but it sure did do a good job of making me feel ever the more anxious for the last four issues. I have got a BAD feeling about this.

The Rhodes Rating: 86/100

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Walking Dead #122

  1. My guess on why Dwight didn’t finish Negan before is because he didn’t want to stick around with Negan, but he also doesn’t want to end up on the losing side of the war. If Rick loses, and Negan knows Dwight’s been spying for the group, he’s finished. If he keeps quiet and helps the group little by little, his cover isn’t blown and just in case Rick and his team does lose, he can go on as if he never helped them. But now that the other guy knows, maybe a coup d’etat is in the works.

    • You’re probably right. It seems like he’s going to finally make a big move in the next issue, though. “Whose side is Dwight really on?” I’m ready to see how the war is going to end and what comes next already. Did you see the cover for #127?

      • I don’t know. Nobody on the cover was a current character and the tagline said “a new beginning”. Some people think that the girl on the cover might be Maggie’s daughter and that Rick will die and the series will jump ahead 20 years. I don’t know if I buy all that, but that’s what some people think. I did notice that it is going to be a double issue. Definitely epic. Can’t wait to see where it goes!

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