Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2: Episode 2: A House Divided (PC/PS3)

twd season 2 episode 2

The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2: A House Divided is a point and click adventure game now available for download on PC, XLA, PSN, and iOS. The cost is $4.99 per episode or $19.99 for the season pass.

The Story


Last time on The Walking Dead The Game Season 2, several months had passed since the end of Season 1. Clementine was now traveling with Omid and a very pregnant Christa. The small group decided to rest for a while and wash up in an old gas station’s restrooms. Clementine went in the other restroom alone, and was cornered by a teenage girl who had stolen her gun, when she wasn’t looking. Omid came in to check on Clem and the girl shot him. Christa rushed in and killed the girl, but it was too late for Omid. 16 months passed. Clem and Christa were still together and camped out in the woods. Clementine was now 11 years old and Christa was no longer pregnant (obviously). There was no baby with them, nor was there a mention of what happened to it. The two of them were in North Carolina, headed for Wellington, Michigan. Supposedly, Wellington was a safe haven. Their trip together would be interrupted, though. When Christa went looking for firewood, a group of scavengers attacked her. Clem either had the choice of distracting them, so Christa could hopefully get away, or she could have just tried to sneak off without them noticing. Either way, Clem ended up falling in a river, and subsequently carried downstream. Clementine was then left to wander the woods by herself. She would eventually happen upon a seemingly friendly dog and the remains of a family’s campsite. After searching through the camp, Clem would eventually find a can of beans, which she could choose to share with the dog. Either way, the dog would get greedy, and bite Clem. Clementine would fight the dog off, but the damage was already done. She ended up passing out in the woods, but was rescued by two men, right before walkers got to her. The two men were Pete (and older gentleman) and Luke (a younger gentleman). They both seemed friendly to Clementine, until they saw her bite, mistaking the dog for a walker. They were skeptical of her story, but decided to take her back to their group’s cabin, all the same. Once there, the group would decide to lock Clem up in a shed, and wait to see if she got a walker fever. Clem doubted that she could make it through the night, and decided to break out of the shed, and into the cabin for medical supplies. In the cabin, Clementine could either befriend Carlos’ (one of the leaders of the group) daughter, Sarah; or not. Once back in the shed, Clementine gruesomely patched herself back up, and just in time for a walker to attack the shed. Clem fought the walker off, which caused a raucous that alerted the cabin group. They then realized that Clementine was actually not bitten by a walker. Still not bitten, that time either. Clementine had finally earned their wary trust. The next morning, Clem went out with nick and Pete to check on some fish traps that he had set up. They were instead met by a massacre at the creek. They weren’t sure who killed who, but one of the men was one of the scavengers who attacked Christa. The three of them were then caught in a group of walkers. Pete was bitten. Clementine had a big choice to make. Save the doomed Pete or run the other way with Nick…

This time on The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2: A House Divided, Clementine either escapes from the creek with Nick or with Pete. Once the group is back together, they discover that the villainous Carver has discovered their location. The group must hit the road again, and head north into the mountains of Virginia; to flee Carver, and look for some sort of refuge. It is in those mountains that their group will cross paths with another group, and Clementine will find a long, lost friend.

Since I’m playing this season through on both the PC and the PS3, it allows me to play through each of the possible main scenarios. So, in the last episode, I went with Nick on my PC, and Pete on my PS3. It’s interesting to see how things could play out differently and how similar they can be. Some things are destined to happen, and no matter what happens, you can’t change it. I haven’t felt that sort of need to change something in this season so far, but I definitely rewound several times to try and save Carly last season. There are some big moral choices to make in this one, though. Unlike the sort of left or right decisions, I usually stick with most of the same moral decisions in both playthroughs. I stuck with the moral high ground, so to speak, and will probably always choose that for Clem. I choose the “good” decisions for most of my game characters. The one game that I am very tempted to go back and play a “bad” playthrough is The Wolf Among Us. Anyway, if you’re hoping for some good and hard choices, they’re in this episode.

I think I talked about this in my review of the last episode, but it has expanded even more since then. I feel like I don’t know who to trust anymore. In the first season of The Walking Dead, I had a good read on pretty much everyone that I came across as Lee. I knew if they were good or bad. I knew if I could trust them or not. But ever since I’ve stepped into Clementine’s shoes, it’s not so clear anymore. Is that because I’m playing as an 11 year old girl? For the most part, everyone seems to at least appear friendly to her. They put on a kind face and a good act, even if they might not be. Odds are, a person is going to treat an 11 year old girl differently than they would a 40-something year old man. So, is that the reason that I’m having such a problem knowing who to trust in Season 2? Or is it just that the setting has changed and time has passed? Or maybe it’s just because Clem is surrounded by strangers? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a combination of all of those reasons or maybe I’m just overthinking it. Regardless of the cause, the fact remains that I’m very unsure of who my Clementine should trust. My loyalties are split. Do I trust this old friend with the new group or do I trust the less new group? Are the bad guys as bad as they seem or is there another side to the story? It’s kind of frustrating to be so confused; but that shows good writing, in my opinion. I’m sure things will become more clear as the season goes on.

The Gameplay


A House Divided is a narrative-driven point and click adventure game. The gameplay is the same as in the last episode. One thing worth mentioning is that I’m having some trouble with my saved choices from season 1 on my PS3. For instance, my Lee definitely did not forgive Lilly and invite her back onto the RV. He left her ass there on the side of the road, after she killed Carly. Clementine got a little confused about that fact in my PS3 playthrough. I think I noticed a similar mistake in the last episode, but dismissed it. It’s become a trend this time. The story is playing out exactly the same way (in reference to season 1 decisions) in the PC and PS3 versions and I don’t have a season 1 save on the PC. Now, it’s possible that I just screwed something up. I couldn’t find evidence of that this time, but I’m going to try again before my next review to see if I can fix it. Even if it is actually something wrong with the game, I can’t blame them for not having the choices perfectly set up. Think of all the decisions and dialogue choices that exist through the 8 episodes so far. It’s got to be a lot to handle.

The Bottom Line


A House Divided is another great episode of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. I liked the last episode a little bit more, but this episode was still action packed and exhilarating. This episode was actually sort of a mess, in a good way. I spent the entire time questioning my decisions and loyalties and fearing for what’s behind and ahead. And things are potentially going to get even worse for Clem next time around. She has gone from out of the frying pan and into the fire. I bet she misses only being hungry in the woods with Christa. I really hope things are going to improve for poor, Clementine by the end of the season. She’s bound to eventually have some good luck with the constant bad luck she has, right?

Bonus points for Clementine Hammertime! Tyreese would be proud!

The Rhodes Rating: 93/100

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