Review: The Star Wars #5

TSW 5 - Cover

“Remember the scene in Star Wars where the Sith Knight traps General Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Annikin Starkiller, and the alien Han Solo—and they have to fight their way free and steal an Imperial starship? No? That’s because this is The Star Wars—based on George Lucas’s original rough-draft screenplay! Experience a Star Wars that never was!”


TSW 5 - Screen 2

Last time on The Star Wars, while attempting to flee the Imperials, the two speeders full of heroes were attacked. Annikin Starkiller had some trouble with the mounted troopers, but General Luke Skywalker easily handled them with a little help from Captain Whitsun. General Skywalker and Captain Whitsun then traveled to Gordon Spaceport. The two of them went to the local Cantina and of course, there was an alien that didn’t like Whitsun and got his arm chopped off by General Skywalker. A twist on the classic scene from the movies. After the fight, they met up with Han Solo, who is a big green alien called a Ureallian. Annikin’s father, Kane, was hiding out with Solo and was fairly near death. Later, the two groups reunited in a hideout to make an escape plan. To smuggle the royal twins off world, they had to be hidden in special cargo suspension pods. They had two pods, but only one power supply pack. To ensure the safety of the boys, Kane Starkiller gave up the power supply pack that kept him alive, sacrificing what was left of his life for them. With their escape plan put into motion, the ragtag group of rebels set off once again.

This time on The Star Wars, the group of rebels board their transport, only to be caught by the Sith Lord Prince Valorum. General Skywalker and gang will attempt to escape from the trap, find a new transport to get off world, and slip away from the empire’s clutches once again!

TSW 5 - Screen 3

I think this may have been the most action packed issue so far and that’s saying something! So much happened in this issue! Lots of narrow escapes and explosions and sabers whirring. I loved it.

One thing that I like about this comic is that there are no annoying characters so far. As much as I love the Star Wars movies, there are some annoying characters like Anakin and Jar-Jar. Luke even got annoying at times. While this Annikin is about the age of Luke and Anakin (in Episode II), he’s got some typical teenage male traits, but he hasn’t really come off as annoying. He’s really taken well to the training from General Skywalker even in these past few episodes. He’s still got lots of room to grow, but you can see him growing all the same, even within these limited pages to work with. I think they’ve done a good job with him and the other characters.

I didn’t think about it last time, but I think this Han Solo is Han Solo plus Chewbacca. I mean, he’s obviously not a Wookie, but he’s a big alien and sort of a sidekick like Chewie was. It looks like Wookies are in the next issue, so maybe there will be an actual Chewbacca, but he still won’t be the same Chewie as he was in the movies. I think that role falls to Han.

TSW 5 - Screen 4


We all saw this one coming. Or at least I did. A romance has been quickly developing between Queen Leia and Annikin since they met. It was full of tension, but it was obvious that they were attracted to one another. Leia admits her love to Annikin and he replies with, “I know”. Not really. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out. I do like the romance between them so far. It’s no Han and Leia romance, but it seems more real than the Anakin and Padme romance. I never liked that romance. It just felt awkward and pushed on us. No chemistry. Han and Leia were the opposite of that. I think that Leia and Annikin have some chemistry, though their time together has been limited. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

TSW 5 - Screen 7

My favorite moment of this issue is definitely at the end when an iconic moment from A New Hope is recreated. Your hint is in the last screenshot of the review!

TSW 5 - Screen 5

Bottom Line

TSW 5 - Screen 6

The Star Wars #5 is another solid outing for this epic mini-series. It’s full of action, twists, intrigue, and even some romance now! The bottom line remains the same: all Star Wars fans should read this series!

Rhodes Rating – 93/100

Buy your Copy here: The Star Wars #5

The Star Wars #6 releases on March 12th!

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