My Two Favorite Star Trek Characters of All Time


My Dad and I have been watching through all of the Star Trek shows and movies in chronological order over the past six years or so. My Dad has been watching since he was a kid. He started with reruns of the Original Series. I started with new episodes of The Next Generation, though I was a young child when they were on. I didn’t remember much from The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine, before this recent run through the franchise. Just some episodes re-watched through reruns. I had only seen a few of The Original Series episodes. I know Voyager fairly well and Enteprise the best. I owned all of the movies on VHS and DVD, so I have loved and known those for years. This run through was about getting to know a franchise that I already loved, even better. Most of these stories were brand new to me and it’s been special to watch them with my Dad for the first time and in some cases watching them over again. I love Star Trek and hope to pass it on to my future kids someday. We still have Voyager and Nemesis left to watch and we’re hoping to get through them before I graduate and move back out for good. It helps that we know some of the episodes are worth skipping over. While I still need to watch Voyager, I know it well enough from the original viewing to be able to name my favorite Star Trek characters of all time. I original intended to just name one character, but I decided to split it up into favorite male and favorite female characters. So, without further ado, my favorite characters…

Favorite Male Character: Commander Worf, Son of Mogh


There’s a reason that Worf has made the most appearances of any character in the whole of the Star Trek franchise. In my opinion, that reason is because he is the best male character in the franchise, and all of those appearances have only added to the legend that is Worf. He has humble beginnings. A Klingon orphan raised on Earth. He was teased and bullied for being different than the other children, yet he stayed tried and true. He joined Starfleet, where he ridiculed even more, but still he persevered. He eventually made his way on to the U.S.S. Enterprise D, where things finally began to click for him. It was his first true home. He finally had friends. His career flourished. His stay aboard the Enterprise D was not without it’s bad days, though. He lost his love, K’Ehlyr, aboard the Enterprise D. He struggled with bringing up their child alone on the Enterprise D. He was also left to defend the House of Mogh’s honor, time and time again. And perhaps most of all, he struggled with his Klingon heritage. He wanted to be true to that heritage, while still remaining true to his human upbringing. He would eventually find balance in his life, but he would make mistakes along the way, partially because of this. After the destruction of the Enterprise D, Worf found himself on Deep Space Nine, where he would face new highs and lows. His marriage to Jadzia Dax was both. One of the reasons I like Worf so much is that despite all the tragedy that he has faced in his life, he keeps on going. He doesn’t take it easily, but in the end, he’s a better person for it. Near the end of the Dominion War, Worf killed Gowron, the Klingon Chancellor. He could have become Chancellor himself after that and ruled the entire Klingon Empire, but he did not wish for that power. He gave it up to General Martok. At the end of the Dominion War, he became the Federation Ambassador to Qo’noS. He would also drop in for more adventures with the Enterprise E, every once in a while. His ending is up in the air, though. Michael Dorn wants to make a Captain Worf TV Show and I really hope it gets made. The history of Worf aside, the fact is that he is brave, honest, and honorable. He thinks with his heart and he is a man of integrity. A man of duty. He is a Klingon Warrior and a model Starfleet officer. That is why he is my favorite male Star Trek character of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. McCoy, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander Data, Captain Benjamin Sisko

Favorite Female Character: Colonel Kira Nerys


I didn’t plan on having two favorite Star Trek characters in this post, but watching Deep Space Nine all the way through necessitated that I make room for Colonel Kira Nerys. If Worf had it hard in life, then I don’t know how to describe Kira’s life. I guess is the best word to describe it is shit. She grew up during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, where horrors and atrocities were done to her and her people. Kira and the Bajorans had to resort to terrorism, just to kick the Cardassians off their world. It took years and committing horrors themselves, but Kira and her people finally did it. Things got better when the Federation arrived and helped Bajor get back on it’s feet and Kira became a Major on Deep Space Nine. She found new friends, new loves, and a new life up there at the mouth of the Wormhole. It wasn’t all good news, though. The Dominion War would hit her just as hard as anyone, more so, if possible. But she never gave up. She even helped the Cardassians, her former enemies, form a successful resistance against the Dominion. This showed how much she as a character grew throughout the seven years. She was always a good person, but she was even better by the end of it all. I hated seeing her lose another love, when Odo went back to The Great Link, but I like to think that she finally found someone and had a happy and peaceful ending sometime after the series ended. Kira is smart as a whip and as tough as nails. She’s also as stubborn as a mule, if you’ll pardon the excessive adages. But, I loved her stubborn attitude. However, what I like most about Kira is her faith. It’s something that I can identify with. Through all of the bad times in her life, she never lost her faith. She believed in the Prophets and their will. No one could break her faith in that. While I liked her faith the most, I also liked that she was so determined. All of that combined to make one badass Bajoran. She’s kind of like the Jack Bauer of Star Trek. Colonel Kira is definitely my favorite female Star Trek character of all time.

Honorable Mentions: Captain Kathryn Janeway, B’Elanna Torres, Sub-Commander T’Pol

Who are your favorite characters in Star Trek?

5 thoughts on “My Two Favorite Star Trek Characters of All Time

  1. Excellent choices! It’s hard to decide with so many characters. I think DS9 is the best series in the Star Trek universe. The characters were well developed and that’s what drove the story. In that series, I’d say its a tie between Odo & Quark and I agree with Kira as best female character. I just enjoyed Quark and his schemes of getting rich fast failing and Odo trying to stop him being the constable. Also, Odo’s background of not knowing his species or where he comes from was interesting and emotional. I think anyone could relate to that sense of loss in some form. Kira never losing her faith and being strong was also something people could relate.

    • Thanks! I have DS9 tied with TNG and TOS for my favorites series, but I think The Dominion War is definitely the best storyline in the Star Trek universe. Yeah, I loved the DS9 characters. Lots of aliens and diverse characters. I liked Odo and Quark. Odo grew a lot as a person through the series. Quark didn’t grow as much, but he was still a fun character. While not my favorite, he’s a character I would like to see more of. I wouldn’t want a whole series with the Ferengi, though. That would probably get annoying.

      I really hope the Worf show gets made or at least some sort of Star Trek series…

      • Yeah I see what you mean with Quark. A solo Ferengi series wouldn’t work. How many times can you make an episode about profit?! But a solo Worf series, that would be fantastic. Im still waiting for a new Star Trek TV series. I can’t believe it’s been so long since it’s been off the air.

  2. I am a recent fan of Star Trek, we’re more if a Star Wars household but I really loved Into Darkness. Khan is my personal favorite, possibly because he’s played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He just really did a great “bad guy”.

    • I like Star Wars too. My little brother is a bigger fan, but I’m still a big fan.

      I also loved Into Darkness. I don’t get why it got a bad rap from some of the Star Trek fans. Khan is my favorite villain. Both versions of him. If you like Into Darkness, you should watch Star Trek II, III, and IV. Great movies!

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