Review: Saga #18

Saga 18 - Cover

“Our heroes’ stay on Quietus reaches its inevitable conclusion.“


Saga 18 - Screen 1

Last time on Saga, Upsher and Doff were silenced by a Freelancer by the name of The Brand. The Brand poisoned them with a potion that will kill them if they try and tell Marko and Alana’s story. The action on Quietus picked up right after Issue #12’s cliffhanger where Prince Robot IV shot Mr. Heist in the kneecap during his interrogation. Gwendolyn and Lying Cat decided to break into Heist’s house to find Marko and in turn, rescue The Will who was VERY near death in their spaceship. Mr. Heist helped the Prince realize a truth: the opposite of war is ****ing. Before we could see how that truth effected the Prince, Klara attacked him. Klara got shot by the Prince, and Mr. Heist shot the Prince in return. It seemed like things were going to be OK when Mr. Heist discovered that Klara was only injured, until Gwen burst in and accidentally killed him. I don’t think he could have survived a lance to the eye, so I say, RIP Mr. Heist.

This time on Saga, Lying Cat and Izabel get into a cat fight. Gwendolyn confronts Marko and Alana. Months after their visit from The Brand, Upsher and Doff cope with being silenced. Some of the storylines wrap up and some new ones start up.

Most of the issue is spent on wrapping up the current storylines on Quietus and what a wrap up it was!

I enjoyed seeing the protector side of Izabel again. She is often used for comic relief, but she is also a powerful entity in her own way. I’m particularly referencing her power of illusion. It also gets me thinking. If Izabel is Hazel’s guardian and she’s a ghost, does that mean she’ll be around long after the other characters die off? I don’t know how time will skip forward in this series, but if it does skip ahead to an older Hazel, I could see Izabel sticking around to the end of the series. Just speculation, though.

There was a possible revelation about Lying Cat in this issue and it makes me wonder if it’s nothing, or if we’ll find out more about Lying Cat’s backstory. Does she have a backstory? I imagine she does and since she’s a fan favorite, I’m guessing we’ll probably get to see it. I personally love Lying Cat and so I definitely want to see more about her.

I’ve been on the fence about Gwen, but I think I’ve finally decided that I don’t like her very much after this issue. Well, last issue heavily contributed to the dislike as well. She killed Mr. Heist! It was mostly a misunderstanding, but she still screwed up and killed someone that I liked. Top that off with the fact that she’s a bitch and that leaves me with the conclusion that I just don’t like her. I get it. She’s a woman scorned. Marko broke her heart, but that doesn’t excuse going after him and Alana with a vengeance like she did. Not one bit. While I believe that Gwen is an antagonist, I don’t think she’s a villain. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her. I can certainly see why Marko didn’t want to marry her! I’m glad he ended up with Alana, who is everything that Gwen isn’t. Alana is, and always will be, my favorite character in Saga. By the way, Alana gets an awesome moment near the end of the issue!

There’s a pretty big twist regarding The Brand. It’s kind of a double twist and both caught me off guard. It’ll be interesting to see what that means going forward in the series.

Prince Robot IV survived the shot from Mr. Heist, as the last panel of the last issue showed us all. In this issue he’s not quite himself and I wonder if he ever will be again. Will what Mr. Heist said to him, change him? If so, will it be in a good way? Will he try to stop the war and just live in peace with his wife and child? Or will he take the message more literally and become some sort of sex maniac? I really don’t know, but I hope he becomes a good guy. We’ve got another bad robot in the recently introduced, Countess Robot X, and I think she would be enough to balance things out, if the Prince turned good.

Saga 18 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

Saga 18 - Screen 3

Saga #18 is another remarkable installment in this comic series. I continue to be astounded by the perfection that Saga sustains, month after month. The story is exciting and captivating every single time. Even if there’s plenty of action, like in this issue, they still find the balance to have character and plot development. It’s perfection and the art is right there with the story. Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples truly are a comic dream team. I’m a bit disappointed that I have to wait for a while before the next issue, but apparently the two of them take the breaks between volumes to maintain quality. So, by all means, take the break, guys. It’s worth the wait!

Rhodes Rating: 100/100

Buy your copy here: Saga #18

Saga #19 releases this Spring!

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