Review: Shadows of Vashta Nerada (PC)


The next episode up for review is Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, Episode 4: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada!



Shadows of the Vashta Nerada picks up directly where TARDIS left off. The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond walk out of the TARDIS and into an underwater city on 23rd century earth where they are immediately attacked by a gigantic shark. They manage to evade the shark for the time being, but soon discover that an even darker threat hides in the shadows…the Vashta Nerada.

I didn’t care much for this episode of The Adventure Games. The story just seemed sort of mashed together and it wasn’t mashed together well. It’s like they had the idea for one story, but really wanted some Vashta Nerada in it. Throw ’em in! The result left the whole plot a mess, in my opinion. None of the episodes have featured award winning plots, but some have been pretty interesting and fun. This was still a little interesting and fun, but it was definitely the worst plot yet. It’s disappointing.

There are more guest stars in this episode, but none of them are interesting. I was particularly annoyed that the leader of the humans had to be so unrealistically antagonistic. It happens in the show from time to time, but this was clearly just trying to add another barrier that The Doctor would have to overcome. Stupid. Also, the first guest star on each episode of this series should wear a red shirt, because they always die in the first act. Oops, spoiler alert. Don’t care. This has been out for years and no one cares. Anyway, my point is that it’s pretty lazy to have that happen every time. OK, it didn’t happen in the last episode, but there were no guest stars!



Just like in the last three episodes of The Adventure Games, you can play as both The Doctor and as Amy at times in Shadows of Vashta Nerada. It also a point and click style game, just like the last three episodes. The controls were still VERY awkward and difficult. There was nothing special about the gameplay in this episode, other than that the puzzles were OK this time. No terrible puzzles, at least.

Bottom Line


Shadows of Vashta Nerada will definitely linger in the shadows of the other episodes and that’s pretty bad. This isn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, and I’m not sorry I gave it a try, but I will never play it again. The stories have carried the other episodes, for the most part. They have made the episodes more bearable/playable. When the story isn’t very good, like in this episode, it’s hard to be patient with the gameplay. So, this might be the episode to skip, if you’re not anal about watching/playing/reading every thing in a series in order. Yeah, that’s me. Even if I knew this one was going to be very good beforehand, I’d still play it since I’m playing the other ones.

Rhodes Rating: 68/100

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