Review: The Star Wars #0

TSW 0 - Cover

“A companion to the eight-issue adaptation of The Star Wars, this is an exclusive peek behind the scenes at the designs that have brought a new—yet incredibly familiar—galaxy to life. Included in this volume are the never-before-seen comics sequences that were used in Dark Horse’s pitch to George Lucas!”


TSW 0 - Screen 1

This will be a shorter review than usual. I don’t have as much to say about it. The main story takes a month off and this tells a different story: how the comic was made. Just because I don’t have as much to say, doesn’t make it any less interesting. Quite the contrary. The Star Wars #0 answers a lot of questions that I had about the design and development. The Star Wars isn’t like a regular adaptation. They had to adapt the source material, but they also had to know when to look to the regular Star Wars for design help and when not to. It’s cool to read about and see how they balanced all of that. However, it’s not just about learning about how this comic came to be. Really, the description for this issue is perfect: companion. I feel like I understand The Star Wars series much better after reading this issue. After the initial behind the scenes and companion content, there are also some fun variant covers included. As the description mentioned, the issue ends with a cool comic strip that they used to pitch the adaptation idea to George Lucas.

TSW 0 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

TSW 0 - Screen 3

The Star Wars #0 was an interesting addition to this series. I would have liked a bit more art included, but it was still a fair enough amount. My recommendation is that fans of The Star Wars check #0 out, but with a warning. You might want to wait until after the series is over to read it. If you already know the story from reading the script, or if you don’t mind spoilers, there are no worries. If you don’t like to be spoiled, then wait. Or at least don’t read the pitch comic. Some of the story was spoiled for me by reading that. It’s not a big deal, it’s just something that I feel like I should mention. Possible spoilers aside, this is a good companion issue for the series!

Rhodes Rating – 84/100

Buy your Copy here: The Star Wars #0

The Star Wars #5 releases on February 5th!

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