Blog of the Year Award

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I usually don’t do these things, because as honored as I am every time I receive a WordPress award, I don’t always feel like being just another link in the chain. I don’t like being told to nominate people for awards. I’d rather just do it of my own accord. Despite my usual misgivings, I felt inclined to do as told this time. Christine of Simpleek nominated me for Blog of the Year and I not only felt like I should accept, but I really wanted to nominate some people in return. So, thank you very much again Christine, and on to the nominations!

Acceptance Rules:

  1. 1. Nominate the blogs you think deserve the award.
  2. 2. Write a post about your blog nominations and present them with the award.
  3. 3. Inform the blogs about your nomination and the rules involved in accepting the award.
  4. 4. Go say ‘hello’ to the originator of the Blog of the Year award at this link:
  5. 5. You can also join the Blog of the Year Facebook Page and share your posts if so inclined:
  6. 6. Link back to the blog that nominated you, display the award for the world to see and start gathering stars! Each time you are nominated for the award you gain a star. There are six in total for you to collect. What happens after you get all six stars? Nothing, except knowing that you’re loved and your blog is awesome!

I went ahead and kept with the pattern that Christine presented and nominated 5 bloggers. These are five people who over the past year that I’ve not only enjoyed reading on a regular basis, but interacting with as well.

1. Simpleek

2. Robo Heart Beat

3. Link Saves Zelda

4. Drakulus

5. TwoHP’s

It was a great year, y’all! Like I said, I’ve enjoyed reading and interacting with you on here and on Twitter. Here’s to another great one in 2014!

P.S. I’ve got two Christmas related posts coming early on today, so watch out for both of those!

8 thoughts on “Blog of the Year Award

    • Thanks and you’re welcome! Right back at you on all accounts!

      P.S. I’m passing on Torchwood. I watched a few more episodes and I just couldn’t get into it. I’d rather spend my time watching Doctor Who. Speaking of, the marathon today on BBC America was awesome. My DVR is getting pretty full, but I think by the end of the night I will have all of the episodes that are not on Netflix now. I won’t get to them for a while yet, but it’s nice to have them at the ready.

      P.S.S. I hope you’re having a merry Christmas!!

  1. I’m honored you decided to do an award post this time around. Thanks for nominating me in turn, and it’s a pleasure to read your blog and interact with you on Twitter from time to time! Keep up the great work.

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