Review: Rat Queens #2

RQ2 - Cover

““GOLD, GUTS AND GROG,” Part Two Someone wants to kill the Rat Queens? The girls are seeing red and there’s only one thing to do about it: get really, really drunk. And, eventually, maybe get to the bottom of who’s trying to kill them. Because, let’s be honest, they already know why”


RQ2 - Screen 1

Last time on Rat Queens, we were introduced to the city of Palisades. It was once a peaceful city, kept safe by groups of renegades who fought off any attackers who dared to threaten the outskirts of Palisades. Eventually, the attacks stopped, and the renegades got bored. Now these different renegade gangs spend most of their time drinking, brawling, and generally causing mischief in town. The City Council has had enough and have decided to send the gangs off on quests to keep them busy. The alternative is banishment from Palisades. There are several gangs, but the gang that this comic series focuses on is, obviously, the Rat Queens. The members of the Rat Queens are as follows: Hannah the “Rockabilly Elven Mage”, Violet the “Hipster Dwarven Fighter”, Dee the “Atheist Human Cleric”, and Betty the “Hippie Hobbit Thief”. I won’t introduce them again after this issue, but I think a reminder was in order this time. The Rat Queens’ assignment is clearing goblins from a cave, an assignment that they are loathe to accept. Killing goblins is for amateurs and is not a lucrative quest, in the least bit. Elsewhere, a rival gang is slaughtered by a dark assassin. During the journey, the Queens stop for dinner, and discover that Betty only packed candy and drugs. Candy and drugs, the two most important parts of the food pyramid. When the girls finally arrive at Hindman Cave, they are also attacked by a dark assassin. They defeated and being to interrogate him, when a troll emerges from the cave and drops a giant boulder on top of him.

This time on Rat Queens, the Rat Queens have to deal with the cave troll and then try to get to the bottom of the mystery of the assassins. Who could be trying to kill off all of the renegade gangs of Palisade?

I’m loving the plot of Rat Queens so far. It’s a perfect blend of fantasy and comedy. I’m truly intrigued by this world that they’ve created and I want to know more. Who sent the assassins? What exists outside of Palisades? Is Palisades just a city in a larger Kingdom? Right now there are lots of questions and not many answers, but I’m not in a hurry to find them! I can tell that this is just the beginning of a much larger journey for the Rat Queens.

As much as I love the plot, where Rat Queens really and truly shines is in their characters and the dialogue. Hannah is very catty and temperamental. She’s also very immature. I find myself getting a bit annoyed with her, because she’s supposed to be the leader, she’s got the potential, but she’s not living up to it. I really hope she can become the responsible leader that the group needs her to be. For all of her shortcomings, Hannah is still very likable, and has some pretty funny quotes. I suppose they all do, though. I get the feeling that Violet is sometimes the stand-in leader for Hannah. I don’t think that she wants to be the leader of the group, but she is sometimes forced into that position due to poor decisions that Hannah makes. Violet is like the old reliable (she’s not literally old) and Hannah is the hot rod. If Hannah could just have a calmer demeanor, I think things would work out much better. Dee still hasn’t made much of an impression on me. I don’t dislike her, but so far her character just hasn’t done or said much. She’s just kind of…there. Betty is my favorite character of the Rat Queen gang. Hands down. I thought that she probably was my favorite after the first issue, but this issue clinched it. She’s just so outrageously cute and hilarious, that I almost can’t handle it. She literally makes me laugh out loud as I’m reading. It’s not just her lines, but how she delivers them. It’s also who is delivering them. Because she is a hobbit or a smidgen, you might look at her and assume that she’s this nice and innocent young woman, but there’s a reason you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Oh, man. As it turns out, we find out in this issue that she’s quite good with blades too. Yeah, Betty steals the show.

RQ2 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

RQ2 - Screen 3

I love Rat Queens. I love the story, the characters, and the art. Everything about it. If you’re a fan of dark comedies and fantasy comics, then you’ll love this series. It’s a must read, in my opinion.

Rhodes Rating: 95/100

Buy your copy here: Rat Queens #2

Rat Queens #3 releases on November 27th!

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