News: Delays, Elder Scrolls Online, and More

Watch Dogs

I have to start off this week’s big news post with some bad news that you’ve probably heard about by now: Watch_Dogs has been delayed by Ubisoft.

Here’s the press release:

“Our ambition from the start with Watch_Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming. It is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until Spring 2014.

We know a lot of you are probably wondering ‘why now?’ We struggled with whether we would delay the game. But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear to us that we needed to take the extra time to polish and fine tune every detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the way you respond on the web, at events, press conferences and during other opportunities we have to interact. Your passion is what drives us.

We can’t wait to see you in Chicago next Spring. We are confident you’ll love this game as much as we love working on it.”

I’m not sure if this is all about polishing or more about distancing themselves from GTA V. We’ll have to take them at their word, but I wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to push the release date until later since GTA V is sort of a similar game and still being played by gamers. Assuming that this lengthy delay is just to make the game better, then I applaud them for it. I for one would much rather wait to play a “fine tuned” game, than play a buggy incomplete game now. It’s a little disappointing sure, but there’s plenty of other games to keep me busy, at least.


Driveclub Big Logo

More bad news follows. PS4 launch game, Driveclub, has also been delayed until next year.

SCE Worldwide President, Shuhei Yoshida, made the announcement on the PS Blog:

“SCE Worldwide Studios and the team at Evolution Studios have made the difficult decision to delay the release of DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014. DRIVECLUB will be a truly innovative, socially connected racing game, but the team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision — and I’m fully confident the game will surpass your expectations.

This decision also affects PlayStation Plus members’ Instant Game Collection for launch. To be clear, DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition will still be part of the Instant Game Collection when it is released.


We understand that the delay is disappointing news, but can assure you that the reason we have made this decision is to ensure that when DRIVECLUB launches, it will realize the next-gen racing vision. And PlayStation 4 gamers will have no shortage of titles to play this year. At launch alone, we have Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 to name but a few, as well as the incredible list of indie games coming to PS4. A broad portfolio of games will be available on PS4 before the end of the year, and with games such as inFAMOUS Second Son, The Order 1886, Destiny, Watch Dogs and now DRIVECLUB coming next year, the strength of the software line-up on PS4 is unprecedented.
DRIVECLUB is a really ambitious racing title and the game is looking stunning. The extra time we’re giving the team means the visuals and overall experience are only going to get better. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait.”

This was kind of surprising news, especially coming so close to the launch, and right after the Watch_Dogs delay announcement. I’m not heartbroken, though. Driveclub is a game that I think will be cool, but it’s not one that I was dying to play. In fact, I’m MUCH more excited about Driveclub‘s PS Plus Game Collection replacement…



Contrast has replaced Driveclub in the Instant Game Collection for the PS4 launch!

This news also comes from SCE Worldwide President, Shuhei Yoshida, on the PS Blog:

“For the PS4 launch, in addition to Resogun, I’m pleased to announce that Contrast, the highly anticipated game from Compulsion Games will also be available to PlayStation Plus members for free as part of Instant Game Collection. If you’re not aware of Contrast, it will whisk you away to a surreal vaudevillian, film-noir inspired reality full of performance, intrigue, shadow-play and drama.”

If you follow my game coverage, then you already know that Contrast is a game that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and I’m very excited to check it out on the PS4 next month. I know that Resogun has received a lot of good press too, but I’m not really interested in it. However, between those two games, I’m sure that most people will be satisfied by the Instant Game Collection PS4 launch lineup.

Speaking of Contrast, I’ve got a new and jazzy trailer to share with y’all:

One last thing: if you’re interesting in playing Contrast on PC, it’s available for pre-order on Steam now.

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Other Logo

Earlier this week, Zenimax Online Studios released a new dev video featuring character creation:

The character creation in ESO looks like the best I’ve seen yet. Not only is there going to be high levels of modification, but the level of details in the characters is amazing. Those fine details that the enhanced graphics allow, really takes the level of distinction to another level. By that I mean there really should be a lot of unique characters out there in the world of Tamriel. I’m excited. Unless I’m forgetting a game, ESO and DAIII are my two most anticipated games of 2014.

Legend of Zelda


Nintendo has announced a new Legend of Zelda 3DS XL coming out next month in Europe (and likely USA) in conjunction with the new game, A Link Between Worlds. In fact, the 3DS XL will have A Link Between Worlds pre-loaded on it. Here’s a look at the packaging from the KOTAKU article:


I used to have a 3DS. Actually, it was also a Zelda-themed 3DS that came with the Ocarina of Time remake. However, I think that the 3DS was made for smaller hands, because it really made my hands hurt to play it. I decided to trade it in for a PS Vita (with grips added) which is MUCH more comfortable for my hands. Then the 3DS XL was released and they had my interest again. The bigger screen is nice and all, but I’m mostly interested in the extra hand space. This particular 3DS XL may pull me back in. I might review both the console and the game next month, but we’ll see how it goes! Either way, I love the Zelda franchise, and this should be an awesome addition to any Zelda fan’s collection.

The Last of Us


No big news for The Last of Us this week, unless you’re a big multiplayer fan.

The first news is that they’ve released a new patch. Here are the patch notes via video:

The other news is that Naughty Dog has released a multiplayer DLC pack, Abandoned Territories, with 4 new maps to play on. Here’s a little trailer for that:



(Entertainment Weekly and WB)

Zach Snyder and Bruce Timm have put together a pretty cool animated short film that celebrates the 75th anniversary of Superman. If you’re a Superman fan, then you should definitely check it out over on Entertainment Weekly:

Catching Fire


Catching Fire is about a month away from release and AMC Theatres has put together a cool infographic discussing the history of Panem and each district. It’s a good preview for fans that haven’t read the books and a good reminder for fans like me that have read the books.


I can’t wait to see Catching Fire in IMAX next month!


A few notes to wrap up the post. First, I’ve made a few little changes/additions to the website. Stuff like where you can see posts that I like and a monthly poll. I also went through all of my reviews and added a new tag and category to each one. I either added game review or comic review to each review. It wasn’t a necessary tag before I started reviewing comics, but I think it has become necessary. So, now you can select by category or tag and see either all of my game reviews or comic reviews. Finally, I’ve been enjoying some free time during my week off between quarters, but I’m catching up today. I have reviews of the latest The Walking Dead comics and the first episode of The Wolf Among Us coming out tonight/tomorrow. I have more comic reviews coming out throughout the week next week, including the latest Mass Effect: Foundation issue. One review I’m excited about is for the George R.R. Martin graphic novel and prequel to A Song of Ice and Fire Series, The Hedge Knight. The Hedge Knight was previously released ten years ago, but in a limited fashion. The only copies I could find cost more than I was willing to pay for a used comic book. Luckily for fans like me, Jet City Comics is re-printing them in a wide release. I’ve already got my copy, but the review won’t be out for a couple more weeks.  I’m not sure about my game review schedule right now. I hope to review Arkham Origins and Blackgate, but I’m not sure if I’ll be getting copies of those or not. I hope so! I will definitely be reviewing Black Flag, though. Even if I don’t get a review copy, that game will be available to rent at Red Box.

P.S. If you haven’t already seen my list of my favorite/top games from the PS3 era, be sure to check it out:

5 thoughts on “News: Delays, Elder Scrolls Online, and More

  1. I wouldn’t say the Elder Scrolls Online has improved graphics. Zenimax has said they want as many people as possible playing the Elder Scrolls so computers that have come out in the last five years can run it. I’m personally not getting this game. It looks terrible.

    • Do you play those on PC? I play them on PS3 and I think it looks better than Skyrim did on PS3. I guess that’s a little surprising that you’re not interested, but we each have our own preferences!

      • I don’t think it looks better then Skyrim at all to be honest and yes I game on PC. I just don’t like what i’ve seen with this game and I don’t see this game being pay to play for more then a year.

      • I can agree with you on the second part at least. I think they’re just trying to make the extra money while they can. I think a subscription would be OK, but their price per month is too expensive. Should be half of what it’s going to be.

  2. I just think this game is going to fail and rightfully so. This is not a true Elder Scrolls game. Honesty i’m not looking forward to any game that’s coming out for the rest of the year.

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