News: Extra Life, Bioshock, GTA V Online






Extra Life



Playstation has teamed up with Extra Life in a very cool way! Check out this video for all of the information:

For more information:

To sign up:

I think I will start up one of these for my local CMN Hospital soon. Not for the possible rewards, though. While those are cool and a great idea from Playstation, I think raising money for sick kids would be reward enough. I guess I just never thought of doing one of my own before, but I’ve been wanting to get more involved in volunteer/charity work. I used to do a lot more, but lately I haven’t really done anything. I think this may be a good chance to start giving back again. I’ll provide the details when I figure them out myself!

Bioshock: Infinite DLC


We’ve finally got a new tease for the upcoming DLC for Bioshock: InfiniteBurial at Sea: Episode 1! It comes in the form of a video and a couple screens. The video is the highlight and it is very Lost-y. As in, it reminds me of the old Dharma videos. It’s cool. It doesn’t reveal much, but it’s definitely worth a watch!

This video doesn’t exist

After that video there are just a few random screens/art:

What a tease! There’s still no release date yet, but be sure that whenever it does come out that I will be reviewing it! I can’t wait!

In case you missed it last time around, check out the original teaser trailer for Burial at Sea: Episode 1 below:

This video doesn’t exist

Grand Theft Auto Online



I was hoping to have my review done today, but I’ve barely even started it thanks to all of the problems that GTA Online has had so far. I’m not mad, like some people seem to be. I am surprised that it has been basically unplayable, though. I thought they would have been prepared for the most part and it would just be glitchy and/or laggy. Obviously, it was much worse than that, but why the anger? Patience, Padawans. Play another game or go outside while Rockstar get things under control. Now, supposedly there is a fix out for the PS3 today and one coming for 360, but I’m going to wait it out even longer. I’m busy playing BEYOND: Two Souls and I’d rather wait to make sure that things are really ironed out before I step back into Los Santos.

For all of the latest Rockstar info on GTA Online‘s status, go to this website:

Also, check out President Obama talking about GTA Online:

That’s all I’ve got for today! Watch for my review of BEYOND: Two Souls to drop on Tuesday at 10am!

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