Review: Lazarus #4

Lazarus 4 - Cover

““FAMILY,” Part Four The conclusion of the first arc. Forever moves to defend her Family with blood and steel as the Twins’ plot against their father is revealed.”


Lazarus 4 - Screen 1

Warning: Spoilers from previous issues, but no spoilers from the reviewed issue!

Last time on Lazarus, Forever travelled to Morray territory in Mexico, and bonded with their Lazarus, Joacquim. Back in Morray Territory, the Twins plot to assassinate Forever. After spending some time with Joacquim, Forever talks business with the Voice of the Morray Family, Uncle Edgar. They strike a mutually benificial deal. Joacquim escorts Forever back to their territory, where they are struck by a bomb, leaving us with quite a cliffhanger.

This time on Lazarus, the repercussions of the last issue are felt. Forever is hanging for dear life, but can she survive her wounds and the approaching ground troops? Elsewhere in the Carlyle Family, betrayal!

This was a kickass issue from beginning to end. What a thrill ride! I loved the format that they used for telling most of it, too. They constantly switched perspectives to tell the aftermath of the bombing between James and Bethany, Jonah, and Forever. James and Bethany are away in their lab monitoring the diagnostics and monitors, as you can see above. I think I like James, for the most part. He’s not completely honest with Forever, but that’s because he’s under orders from her father. The good thing is that I think that he’s completely loyal to the Family and that he likes her. Bethany on the other hand, is a cold-hearted bitch. I don’t like her one bit. I don’t think she’ll ever turn villain, but she treats Forever as a thing, not as a sister. That gets her on my bad side. Meanwhile, Jonah is monitoring his attack from his district in the California area. I don’t think he has any redeeming features. He’s just a spoiled, arrogant asshole. I don’t know if he’s the main bad guy, but I hope not. He’s too much of an idiot to be that important. Perhaps he’ll ally himself with the main antagonist in the future? Finally, Forever’s perspective is obviously from ground zero. She’s badly injured, and is certainly pushed to her limit in this issue. There’s a pretty big revelation in this issue regarding the Lazaruses. It’s never really mentioned, but it is seen. just take a look at the cover! Joacquin is obviously some sort of an android, and one would surmise that Forever is too. I don’t care if she’s an android. She obviously has an emotion chip or something like that, because it seems to me that mentally and emotionally, she’s a normal person. Now, the crazy physical strength, durability, fighting abilities, etc? Being an android would definitely explain all of that. I never would have guessed that she was an android. I thought she was just genetically enhanced and grown in a test tube. So, this was a nice twist, in my opinion. There’s another big twist near the end of the issue, but that one isn’t spoiled by the cover, so you’ll have to read the issue yourself to find out.

Lazarus 4 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

Lazarus 4 - Screen 3

I’m really enjoying the Lazarus series so far and this issue may have been the best yet. Am I the only one who wants to see a Lazarus TV show on cable? I think that would kick ass. The bottom line is that this is an awesome comic issue and comic series! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next arc!

Rhodes Rating: 96/100

Buy your Digital Copy here: Lazarus #4

Lazarus #5 releases on November 13th!

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