Review: The Walking Dead #114

TWD 114 - Cover

“What would Jesus do?”


TWD 114 - Screen 1

Last issue, Rick was left with quite a cliffhanger, or would you say a bell tower hanger? We, the readers, knew that it was the goon that fell and not Andrea, but Rick didn’t. Things were looking pretty bad from our perspective, but from Rick’s? Things were disastrous. I would say that he was thinking that it was all over. Negan had repelled the Survivor’s attack and like I said, things were looking pretty bad.

In The Walking Dead #114, events once again take place immediately following the last issue. Just when things look their most dire, reinforcements arrive, and battle plans are made.

We’re treated to a lot more action in this issue and I’m guessing that it’s just the appetizer for what’s to come next month. This particular scene with Negan at the Alexandria Safe Zone feels like it’s been dragging on for a long time, though that could just be because I’m still getting used to reading only one issue a month instead of those two compendiums. Either way, I’m glad things are moving along again.

One thing that kind of sneaked up on me was Rick and Andrea’s relationship. I know they’ve been together for quite a while now, but I didn’t really realize how serious things were between them until these past two issues. Or maybe these two issues just subtly emphasized it? I’m not sure, but they definitely care deeply for each other now. It really makes you hope that those two and Carl never die. That no matter what trials and tribulations that they go through, that they’ll make it through to the end. As an aside, it also makes me wonder who that character will be for Rick in the TV show. I guess it won’t be the same, though. One of the things that unites Rick and Andrea is that they’ve been together in the group and survived since the beginning. When you lose that premise and that character, I guess there is no true replacement. And just to be clear, Comic Andrea is a million times better than TV Andrea was. She’s one of my favorites in the Comics and was one of my least favorites in the TV Show.

I mentioned this in my review of the last issue, but I’d like to mention again that Negan is really getting on my nerves. The whole schtick with him has just gotten old the past couple of issues. I think maybe it’s because we’ve seen too much of him. Too much of a good thing, ya know? I’m very ready to see him die a horrible death as soon as possible at the hands of one of our heroes. That being said, he did have some pretty funny dialogue in this issue, particularly on the last page.

TWD 114 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

TWD 114 - Screen 3

While I’m glad that they’re finally moving the story along again, you can’t say that it hasn’t been an action-packed storyline lately! The Walking Dead #114 was definitely another solid issue with action and plot development. I was going to give it a 90, but the issue got bonus points for some awesome tiger action.

Rhodes Rating: 92/100

Buy Your Copy Here: The Walking Dead #114

The Walking Dead #115 releases on October 9th! (“ALL-OUT WAR BEGINS!”‘)

TWD 114 - Screen 4

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