Review: Mass Effect Foundation #2

Mass Effect 2 - Cover

“Urdnot Wrex—one of the most dangerous mercenaries in the galaxy—crosses paths with a mysterious secret agent in this explosive adventure!”

“Take the Galaxy by the Quad” has got to be one of the best taglines for a comic, ever!


Mass Effect 2 - Screen 1

In Mass Effect: Foundation #1, we discovered the origins of Maya Brooks, who is known at this point as Agent Rasa of Cerberus. Mass Effect: Foundation #2 takes place some time after the last issue, but before the first Mass Effect game. This issue has Agent Rasa going up against Urdnot Wrex. Who will win?

There’s not a whole lot of story in this one. The plot is really simple: Wrex is going after Fist for The Shadow Broker and Rasa is going after Fist for Cerberus. Same target, different employers, different objectives. This issue is more about fun and action, and with Urdnot Wrex, there is plenty of both!

I’m still not quite sure where the overall story of this mini-series is going or if there even is one. The first two were connected, but I’m starting to think that the series is just about telling various “Foundation” stories for the Mass Effect characters we all know and love. If that is the case, it’s fine with me. These are good stories, so far, either way.

Mass Effect 2 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

Mass Effect 2 - Screen 3

I thought that while this was another good issue, Mass Effect: Foundation #2 was a step down from #1. I already mentioned that there wasn’t much of a plot to discuss, but the fun and action made up for it. My main complaint from this issue is the art. Most of it is really good, but Kai Leng and Rasa didn’t really look like themselves. I especially noticed a difference in Rasa’s look from the last issue and it really confused me at first. They switched artists on this issue for whatever reason, and I guess that’s why there was a discrepancy. Overall, this is still a really good issue. The bottom line is that you should check this issue out, if for no other reason, because of Urdnot Wrex. He’s hilarious and kicks ass, like always.

Rhodes Rating: 90/100

Buy Your Copy Here: Mass Effect: Foundation #2

Mass Effect: Foundation #3 releases on September 25th!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Mass Effect Foundation #2

    • I’ve liked all of the different Mass Effect comics so far. Some are better than others, of course. I’d say these are better than the past ones. I like that the ME writers write them. I think it really helps them stay true and add to the ME Universe.

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