Review: The Walking Dead #112

TWD 112 - Cover

It’s that time again! The latest issue of The Walking Dead has hit the stands and it is definitely a step up from the last one! My review below…

As always, there will be possible spoilers from previous issues!


TWD 112 - Screen 1

The Walking Dead #112 picks up right where #111 left off, with Negan in the Alexandria Safe-Zone and Spencer dead. Rick, Michonne, and Carl return to find the ASZ in chaos. Rick and Tegan face off and leave us with a big cliffhanger!

The whole issue takes place within this setting and storyline and I think prefer that to where they split up the issue between different perspectives. It really allows them to focus better on an individual part of the story. This story being Rick returning to the aftermath of the last issue and confronting Tegan. That power struggle between Negan and Rick is just fascinating. Both men are used to being the one in control and despite what he says, I think that Rick still can’t get over the fact that he’s not in control anymore. Of course, the fact that a psychopath is the one in control now might have something to do with with his unease. And Negan is a psychopath. I think about it every time I read an issue with Negan in it. He’s scary. He’s scary because you could see someone like him existing in real life and doing the things the he does in this series. Anyway, the point is, this issue has some really good interaction/conflict between Rick and Negan. I loved it.

The story in #112 was really good!

TWD 112 - Screen 2

Bottom Line

TWD 112 - Screen 3

While last issue was a little bit slow, The Walking Dead #112 is very exciting. The story is interesting and high-paced. It pushes the storyline forward and leaves us with a hell of a cliffhanger. The bottom line is that this was a great issue! I can’t wait to see how they wrap up the latest volume next issue!

Rhodes Rating: 94/100

Buy Your Digital Copy Here: The Walking Dead #112

The Walking Dead #113 releases August 14th! (“They march to certain doom.”‘)

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