News: Killzone: Mercenary, Blackjack Trailer

Killzone Mercenary


SCEA’s upcoming game for the PS Vita, Killzone: Mercenary, has a new trailer up!

Check it out:

I’m intrigued by this game, because it’s set in the Killzone universe, but it’s going to be very different from the first three games in the series. Instead of playing as a soldier in the ISA, you’ll be playing as a Mercenary (duh). I look forward to seeing how they expand this universe with this new take on the series. While they aren’t a lot of PS Vita games that interest me right now, there are a lot of upcoming games that do. This is one of them.

Also revealed with this trailer, is that the release date has been moved up a week.

Killzone: Mercenary will be released to the PS Vita on September 10th!

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