Review: Assassin’s Creed III: Tyranny of King Washington Part 3 (The Redemption)


The Redemption is the fifth DLC of five from ACIII. It is Part Three of Three in the Tyranny of King Washington series. Something that I previously misunderstood was that this is the last DLC for ACIII. I had thought that there was going to be five DLC episodes (2 standalones), but in fact there are only these three. The other two DLC packs have already been released: The Hidden Secrets and The Battle Hardened. I’ll admit that I’m a little disappointed, because I misunderstood, and had been expecting more. However, I’m OK with closing the chapter in Conner’s story, especially knowing that ACIV is only 6 months away.

Anyway, I personally bought the Season Pass last November for $30, which will supplied me with all five DLCs as they released. I’m not sure if the season pass is still available, but you can definitely purchase The Redemption on the PSN for $10. The Redemption includes one sequence with eight missions.



The Redemption picks up where The Betrayal left off last month. They have a “previously on Tyranny…” cinematic again that plays before you start. This time I really did need my memory refreshed. First, I’m going to do a quick recap of what has happened so far in the story and then I’ll preview the story for Part 3. (Warning: Part 1 and Part 2 Spoilers Ahead!)

In Part 1 (which takes place in The Frontier), Ratonhnhakéton (who I will call Connor henceforth) wakes up in some sort of dream or alternate reality. In this mirror world, Connor never became an Assassin, he never left home, his Mother never died, and George Washington found a piece of Eden and became an evil King. Early in the DLC, King Washington visits Connor’s village. He destroys the village, kills Connor’s Mother, and almost kills Connor himself. Connor is rescued the Village Elder and she tells him that he needs to go on a spirit journey to defeat the bad guys. Connor goes on a spirit journey and gains the powers of the wolf (invisibility cloak and wolf pack). Connor then sets out to do what he couldn’t do last time: assassinate Benedict Arnold. He succeeds, but is surprised by what Arnold had to say. Arnold had no idea what he was doing and was controlled by Washington. Arnold says that Connor should set Benjamin Franklin free if he wants to take Washington down. Immediately after the assassination, Israel Putnam captures Connor and takes him to jail in Boston.

Part 2 takes place in Boston and picks up immediately where Part 1 left off. Connor wakes up in jail in Boston and needs to use his wolf powers to break out. Connor finds his friend, Kanen’tó:kon, in jail, and helps him escape too. After the escape, Connor decides it’s time for another journey to the Sky World to discover a new animal spirit: the eagle. Here’s where things get weird. Connor goes after Benjamin Franklin and assassinates him. Or does he? It turns out that it was an illusion caused by Washington’s Apple. Connor ends up fighting King Washington in this illusion. Connor defeats the illusion, but that doesn’t mean much. Connor wakes up to find Kanen and Samuel Adams. They decide to go after Ben Franklin, to whatever end that might be. Connor hunts down Franklin, captures him, and returns him to Adams. Franklin is no longer under the Apple’s spell and joins the cause. The gang plots to flee Boston to attack Washington in New York. While putting this plan in motion, Israel Putnam lays a trap for the Rebels and kills Adams. Next, Connor and Franklin meet up with another old friend: Faulkner. They convince him to join up and find a crew. It’s up to Connor to free the Aquila from Washington’s Men. Connor is successful and the gang escapes Boston, but not before killing Putnam and rescuing Kanen.

Part 3 starts out at sea, aboard the Aquila. Connor must fight his way through Washington’s Navy to reach New York. In this reality, Washington has made New York his capital, and is building a pyramid in his honor right in the middle of New York City. Once there, Connor will join forces with Thomas Jefferson to bring down the Evil King. Before he can take on Washington, Connor will need to go on one more Sky World Journey to add the power of the Bear to his arsenal. Only then, can he hope to end the Tyranny of King Washington.

The Redemption is an ironic title for this episode, because it totally redeemed the trilogy for me. They do a good job of tying the story together, keeping the player interested, and most importantly? At the end, they explain what the heck was going on the whole time!




Part 3 starts out immediately better than the first two. Why? Naval combat. I loved the naval combat and I was craving some more. It was nothing too special, but it was as fun as always. I can’t wait to check out how they handle the naval combat in ACIV.

By the way, Connor mentions Edward Kenway (the ACIV protagonist), his Grandfather, to Faulkner during a break in the naval combat. It was a cool little easter egg for those who are paying attention.

I digress. The gameplay is pretty much the same, except that Connor gets his final animal spirit power: bear might. This is a cool power and is basically a really powerful ground pound. Having the powers of the bear, the eagle, and the wolf together, makes Connor a pretty powerful guy…for a non-Assassin. I would rank the powers like this: 1. Eagle 2. Bear 3. Wolf. I’d like the wolf power a lot more if it didn’t drain your health so easily.

I mentioned earlier that there are 8 missions included in this segment. One of those missions requires Connor to complete some side missions. Thankfully, these were actually NEW side missions, such as: destroying statues of Washington, hanging Blue Coats, and escorting Rebel leaders.

One thing that some might complain about: the boss battle against Washington. I personally don’t have a problem with it, but some may find it to be too easy. As far as I could tell, Connor couldn’t die or even get hurt during the final battle. It was a cool battle, either way. I just thought it was worth mentioning, if that’s something that might frustrate you.

Overall, I feel like they finally got it right here in Part 3. This was a fun one to play.


Bottom Line

Honestly, I think they would have done a lot better releasing these closer together. Maybe even all at once. I think I would have enjoyed them a lot more if I had played all three straight through. Having them about a month a apart each time, means getting reacquainted with the story and the controls every single time. This isn’t that big of a deal, because guess what? I can play it over again all at once. That’s my only complaint for the overall Tyranny trilogy.

The bottom line for The Redemption? It’s the best of the three and a lot of fun. I almost see the first two as just set up episodes to get to this episode. Part 3 has naval combat, all three powers, new side missions (as part of a mission), the setting is different (it’s still NYC, but it’s changed, unlike last two settings), and the story is finally cleared up. It’s a solid DLC. Y’all should definitely check The Redemption (and the whole Tyranny trilogy) out!

Rhodes Rating: 88/100

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